Friday, 7 November 2014

Top Ten Muppets

Well with Halloween  over the next logical step is Muppets. I will be listing the top ten Muppets from The Muppet Show. So let's head down to The Muppet Theater while I count down the Top Ten Muppets.

10 Sam the Eagle
Sam is basically the comic foil. The serious guy who is often confused by everyone else. He usually tries and make sure the acts are safe or he does his own political  announcements. So in conclusion Sam is the perfect example of the comic foil.

9 The Swedish Chef
The (not actually) Swedish Chef  is the one who shows us how to cook on The Muppet Show.  He is one of the only Muppets on the show to have human hands. Also listening to his fake Swedish is very entertaining to listen to.

8 Statler and Waldorf
These duo of critics often hang out in the balcony of the theater and heckle the performers. It's funny to watch them heckle all the Muppets and fight amongst each other. I also like how in the 90's reboot of The Muppet Show they always watch in a weird location. But that isn't The Muppet Show so I won't mention that more. Statler and Waldorf, I'll never get tired of hearing them Heckle stuff.

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew is a mad scientist and host of Muppet Labs he has made many inventions such as the gorilla detector and germ enlarger and a Robot Politician. All of his inventions yield comical results. Now of course Dr. Honeydew wouldn't be anywhere with out his assistant....

The faithful assistant to Dr. Honeydew Beaker is normally the one who gets the short end of the stick at Muppet Labs. meaning he is usually getting blown up attacked by a large creature bashed into a wall or other forms of pain. Beaker truly is the most loyal assistant.

                                                     5 Rowlf

Normally Rowlf is doing piano numbers of classic songs, butchering classic songs, or just making stuff up as he goes along. He also has a very unique voice that helps him when he sings. I think some of the best songs he's done are "You and I....and George" and "The Cat Came Back"

The Great Gonzo
Gonzo is a.....something (he looks a bit like some kind of bird)....who enjoys doing the most dangerous stunts you can think of.  Gonzo and his chicken assistant always know how to do the best stunts whether it's wrestling a brick or yodelling while riding a motorized pogo stick. Gonzo never fails to entertain me with his pain.

                                                     3 Fozzie Bear

Fozzie has an act making jokes but he also shows up in other sketches. Normally when he does his comedy act Statler and Waldorf usually end up making fun of him. We can also thank Fozzie for his iconic catch phrase "Wakka Wakka".

2 Miss. Piggy
Miss. Piggy always tries to make herself the center of attention on the show and more often than not fails at being the center of attention. She also loves to fake a French accent and has tried to force Kermit to marry her on multiple occasions.

1 Kermit the Frog
Yeah, you this coming from the beginning. Kermit is the one who runs The Muppet Theater and manages the show makes sure the acts are safe and hires the guest stars. All of this work always causes Kermit to freak out and comically flail his arms. Kermit is the one who keeps everything moving along which is why he is the number one Muppet.

This has been The Top Ten Muppets. I hope you enjoyed the list and if you feel like it tell me who your favorite Muppet is. This has been another installment of Keaton on Films. See you next......hang on those aliens are back again............……

The Legendary Beardfoot

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